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Este blog cumple su primer año

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

On April 17th one year ago I started this blog with the purpose of proving that I downloaded WordPress. Moreover it has been a place where I put my pictures, I talked about music, I gave some computer tips and much more…

Since then I have had more than 6700 visit, most of them interested in my ERASMUS experience in Trondheim. However I have to admit that my star product is the post about acer crystal eye webcam. There has been also some lost people interested in a kind of plectognato fish.

These visitors were from all over the world, as I could see from the visits map. Now this map has been cleared for the new period but I still conserve the map from the last period.


I hope to have even more visits and that all of the visitors find that interesting thing they are looking for.

Thanks all of you.