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Webcam Acer Crystal Eye funcionando en Ubuntu Gutsy

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Note: I have corrected this post in order to solve the problem that most of the people was having. It seems that some of you got it working properly and some others, however, had some errors during the module compilation. This could be solved completely if you recompile the kernel

Well, I got the webcam working properly in Ubuntu Gutsy, as follows I will detail how to do it if someone else have the same problem

First of all it’s necessary (however some people got it working without doing it) to compile the kernel as I say in this post.

After that you must install subversion in order to download the latest version of the modules.

sudo apt-get install subversion

svn checkout svn://

cd trunk

sudo su


make install

modprobe uvcvideo

It’s important to make “suod su” because it can avoid some problems during the compilation, but, from my point of view is better to have the right permision in the directory /usr/src

Finally, you must add all the users that are going to use the web cam to the group “video” and ensure that the device “/dev/video0” is owned by this group.

If this information was useful for someone just comment it, it helps to keep on writing for me.

Acer crystal eye funcionando en ubuntu gutsy