Chat au tapis roulant

When there is an exam period, the only thing you can do with your blog is to post funny cats videos from youtube.
Chat au tapis roulant

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5 Responses to “Chat au tapis roulant”

  1. Titiritero y Aprendiz says:

    El primer vídeo que has puesto hace unas horas esta indisponible.

    Te deseamos suerte en el resto de exámenes.

  2. Alfredo says:


    Gracias por la suerte, pero eso no cuenta, en lugar de eso deseadme que estudie mucho, que a lo mejor se cumple.

  3. Saladin says:

    running machines makes the dancing a lot easier!..perhaps u should try oneday in Dragvoll!!

  4. Alfredo says:

    yeah, maybe we should do it. You and me doing this stuff and Maria taking a picture or a video of that moment.

  5. El Miguel says:

    Maybe if you try it will be like the people from the TV show El Hormiguero tried before:

    Hehe, but in 2 days they were able to do it (for the real video, they needed 6 months of trainings)

    I like so much this show!!

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